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Thank you, Danny, for this informative article. I've never used HD radio, however I'm surprised that the internet is recommended for a more reliable signal. Though I LOVE listening though SJC.net, there are times when the stream pauses to buffer, then resumes after a few seconds.

Super Dave

Thanks for the info, Danny. Your article confirms all my research into HD radio vs. Internet connections.

Scampster the Dog

I have tried both - and there are issues with each - Internet will time itself out every time I have tried such - as providers don't want you running for hours on end without touching the keyboard. Issue with HD radio is same as digital television - signal is all or nothing - there is no static // just failure if you loose the signal // will still say HD and song/artist info and will come back if it can catch the signal again. Both versions I have tried so far are substandard to regular FM radio - As is Digital Television have the blocks or picture freeze issue at times on over the air stations - even with cable television! Living far away was better to have a bit of static than have the picture freeze or worse - message the signal is lost - usually in short bits or time.

Art B.

Danny, Thanks for the info, especially for someone ( me ) who has no knowledge of HD Radio, I will still listen through the Internet ... and as head of the " Dan Devotees " on Dinner Party ... Cool video !!!


On the contrary, I HAVE NO PROBLEM WITH THIS INTERNET STATION, (smoothjazzchicago.net)other than occasional buffering which is "normal"!. I didn't encounter a "timer" that it stop by itself after 6 hrs (night or day)or so, because I am online listening all day for more than 12 hrs the most!! I call this, the radio net station that NEVER SLEEPS!!


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