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Super Dave

Interesting piece, Rick. And Ms. Ray's 3 pet peeves are on point. They're pet peeves of mine, too, along with a handful of others.

Darlene Brown

Love Carol Ray's insights! I work with Indie Artists and I wish more radio programers and promoters would view them as Ms Ray does. There is so much talent and great music by new artists that I believe the fans would love to hear but don't because of the outdated models of music airplay and promotion that the larger outlets follow. I hope they read this. Great job Rick and thank you Carol.

Cyn Cooper

It's funny but reading Carol Ray's ideas makes me see another dimension into what it is to program a station! I would not have thought my views were so different....but its certainly a road worth introspection on my part. Celebrating the old is not so bad to me, personally. Had not considered that a crop of moss and spider-webs might crop up while one is enjoying what once was. Gotta see the next installment in the series brings!!


Cyn: I totally and personally agree with you about "oldies but goodies" aspect. I suppose there are still some listeners out there who will agree that playing "outdated tunes" are not so bad (especially me)! In any event, thank you Ms. Ray for your nice thoughts!!

Al Junco

Carol is right, too many stations play music, that although is good, is not smooth jazz and there are too many other stations that already play the same thing. The stations that keep a true smooth jazz format and offer new talent will be a big hit.

Art B.

Carol brings up some good points, but I have to agree with Cyn and Cora, it is Great to hear new tunes but let us not forget what got things to this point,the " old chestnuts " from years gone by. There's no need to religate them to " specialty programming ", all things, old and new can be incorporated together in such a way as to not turn a station into an " oldies " format. As for me personally, I Love the " oldies ", they are the foundation of which new tunes are built !!!

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