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Like figuring out the vanity license plates on cars, I just "got" your email address! Nice. Thanks for your contributions here. They're vey helpful for those of us who are tech-challenged. Waiting for the SJC iPod Touch app.......


Hi Margie, it's funny you bring vanity plates up because I have quite a friends throughout greater Dandom (aka. the Steely Dan fan community) who literally have collections of license plates with references to Steely Dan songs, albums, and band members. It's pretty cool! Hopefully Apple will be approving the SmoothJazzChicago.net app for iOS very soon! I'm waiting for it myself. In the meantime, we're lucky to be able to listen through the TuneIn Radio app.

Super Dave

Hi, Danny. Your info is always helpful. For the record, I just installed the WIDCOMM (Kinivo) Bluetooth software into my laptop, with the next step being the interfacing of the Bose Soundlink II system. Thanks for all your help earlier. I'll let you know the end result. Keep your fingers crossed.


Glad I could help Super Dave, that's what I'm here for! Best of luck and let me know when you've git it set up.

Art B.

Hi Danny, first of all, you've been a Great help to many and it is much appreciated. My ( Steely Dan - Michael Franks ) contest with Cora started in the early days of Dinner Party. In the early days of DP, Bill would play something from Steely Dan and Herb Alpert and I would write in the InBox during DP " Thanks for my Steely Dan and Herb Alpert Dinner Party fix ". DJ Woo and I were already corresponding in the InBox when Cora started posting of how she enjoyed when Bill would play Michael Franks, well one thing led to another and a " contest " was born, it's fun and I enjoy it. Feel free to drop by any Saturday night, I can always use another " team member ", all in good fun. Keep up the good work Danny !!!


Hi Art, the friendly rivalry seems to be quite entraining. In the 4 hour show, there's certainly enough room for both great artists as well as many others. I've actually been prompted by both the Steely Dan and Michael Franks sides to join in during Dinner Party sometime. Maybe one of these days, I will.

Art B.

Hi Danny, I too like Michael Franks ( Thanks to Cora and Bill ), but remember where our loyalties lie !!! LOL !!! Join us Anytime, there is more than enough room at the table for Everyone ( Bill is very accommodating ) !!!

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