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Art B.

Rick, what an appropriate video to play to perhaps give us a" ray of hope ". All I can say is that as happy as we are to have Smooth Jazz back ( on the internet ), it would be Great to have it back where it belongs ( on radio ), we can hope that it may someday soon happen, after all as you say above " if it could happen in LA, it could happen here ", let's hope so, in the meantime, we are very grateful to have it back here Thanks to You and The Smooth Crew !!!


To my way of thinking, a smooth jazz format should be predominantly instrumentals. But what do I know? I'm just a fan, I don't have to attract listeners in order to pay bills.


The Wave / WNUA the "New Age of Jazz" were both rivals in Chicago a short time. Current formats came out of what was instrumentals and "New Age" which is a whole part lost to the present that survives only on CDs and Sirius-XM. Chill is the third of the three types of music that was WNUA at times. Mindy Abair's show on WNUA/WLFM had that version of a format. Only part heard in car today is Sirius-XM where each has their own station. Which on it's own is a bit strange as the types go together better than as separate formats. Picking the three stations I get a small fraction of what was best on WNUA - and not even sure which stations are the rest of the format. On the streaming side don't know if you get many car listeners as I hear some new cars include internet options - many are just a place to plug an external device - most common would be I-pod I assume.


Wow, what a nice surprise and a step in the right direction for smooth jazz radio. If I recall correctly, WAUN and the other "Smooth Bays" stations in northeastern Wisconsin have reverted back to the traditional smooth jazz format after operating as smooth AC stations for quite some time as well. Clear Channel, of all people, resurrected WLOQ, the smooth jazz station in Orlando and recently brought long time smooth jazz DJ Greg Cozzo back on the morning at KMYT in Temecula, CA, after airing no locally produced content for over a year. 103.7 The Oasis, while a very modest operation, brought smooth jazz back to the Albuquerque, NM market last year after close to a decade long hiatus. There is also 107.3 The Wave in Cleveland, which has some great on-air talent but unfortunately was brought back as a smooth AC station rather than as a true smooth jazz station. I'm a firm believer the genre still has a lot of potential. As Bill Cochran has told me, "People, including the younger generations, need music to relax to." I like to think that radio is at a stalemate due to the economic instability of the past few years and will recover in terms of the diversity of its product offerings. If that doesn't happen with terrestrial radio, it will indeed happen with internet radio. For the most part, aside from accessibility, the product on SmoothJazzChicago.net is truly closer to what listeners want, rather than what might have the potential to appease PPM. Of the corporate players, CBS does does an excellent job with many of their stations, including a few here in Chicago. Their on-air talent is generally given the chance to connect with the listers and be themselves, compared to so many stations today where a DJ simply reads off song titles on a playlist. However, I guess we need wait until the corporate radio execs think that brings smooth jazz radio back is their idea.

Super Dave

I know CBS has a few stations in Chicago. If they're willing to concede in LA, is/are there any FM frequencies (with a strong signal) in the CBS stable stable that isn't producing adequate numbers & would be viable to convert to Smooth Jazz? I believe THAT would be the #1 question that would need to be answered. The Wave IS, after all, an existing station. Chicago has nothing!

Cyn Cooper

Lots to mull over, and to be encouraged by in this new action and info. If it comes down to "choosing" format & delivery, I'm with the Smooth Crew in whatever direction comes...and is chosen. If they ever go "terra" radio again, fine by me. However, if we are here, due to WHATEVER gets stirred into SJ pot, I've already settled in and hung my curtains!!!

Cyn Cooper

To clarify, we've been through an excruciating process, particularly in 2012. SJ crew kept us going, Rick made big decisions and.... WE ARE LIVE again with a phenomenal Holiday season just behind us! Granted, I'm looking from the outside (ie. a listener enjoying essential music in a fairly simple manner) ~ I don't know how easy or difficult it is for the Crew to get this to us. It's fine if the Big Chairs say "We were wrong" (I can also accept a silent version of this). Yet, after immeasurable leg work (even when the legs were actually fingers dialing phone nbrs, typing emails, buying a working lunch or dinner).... the Smooth Crew is too valuable to kneel or enter some back door JUST to be On Air! Rick & Smooth Team ARE UP ~ and to that Victory should go any of our Listener Support (in terms of Revenue/Recognition).


SD, CBS is simulcasting WBBM 780AM on WCFS 105.9 FM. That is essentially an unused frequency that I do feel is truly bringing in much revenue. I don't know how permanent that choice is, but I know that there are also rumors that they may also simulcast WSCR 670 AM on 104.3 WJMK. We'll see what's in store for the future. For the time being, smooth jazz in Chicago has made its triumphant return online, and as technology improves over the next few years, so will the accessibility of internet radio.

Super Dave

Danny & Cyn, I read all of your comments, and a lot of them were on point!! To a degree, I kind of like where we are at, in our own little corner of the universe, enjoying the music that we love, with no restrictions or limitations.

Danny, after I posted about CBS Radio & what they have available, I remembered that WBBM - Am simulcasts on 105.9. Both Rick & I talked about it being a waste of a good frequency, since 780 AM carries the greater number of listeners towards their ratings. However, I have heard that they may switch WSCR to the 105.7 frequency vs. going to WJMK 104.3. I honestly don't think ANYONE has ANY IDEA what the hell they want to do. Radio is in such a state of disrepair that they're trying to hold it together either with Band-aids, bubble gum or the occasional roll of Duct Tape. WGN Radio is a prime example.

Personally, I'm comfortable with on-line streaming. In the Smooth Jazz format alone, there are a multitude of listening options. However, I DO MISS not getting it on the car radio. But, then again, "50% of SOMETHING sure beats 100% of NOTHING!" (Ocean's 11).

Cyn Cooper

SD: With Danny & Scott's guidance and discussion on the new tech means to facilitate our listening, and you testing and connecting that info, the rest of us SJers will find our way through this new Internet Radio world. Heck.. we can't even keep you at the computer much to chat LOL! Our little island is bright with pioneering opportunities ~~ gotta love it!!

Super Dave

Yes, you do, Cyn. And who said you can't teach old dogs NEW tricks!! We'll figure it all out & get to the "Promised SJ Land". LOL

Cyn Cooper

@ SD: Here's a cyber High Five, and a curtsy as we learn fast & furiously !!!


Exactly what I have been thinking all along--which station, let alone who would be the bold individual(s) that will take that gigantic leap and make it feel like 1987 all over again?

At least, it is one step in the right direction.
Way to go, L.A.

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