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Peter J

I sure would be nice to have Smooth Jazz on terrestrial FM radio.

Cyn Cooper

For me now, we've gone past the Smooth Jazz format into WHO is delivering the Smooth Jazz format. Since the first offer/round/suggestion was ignored... the price is higher, not cheaper. If they can't make an offer that Rick & the Smooth Crew won't refuse... then they have competition, as I'm staying wherever our Champions decide to root!

Super Dave

As much as you honed in on the 1st part of Mr. Ciliano's comment, Rick, it's the other part that makes me leary. "Give it our best shot!" Makes me feel he has some uncertainty about the format having a healthy shelf life. With the way Chicago had the plug pulled on SJ from 2 stations, whose to say it couldn't happen a 3rd time? "Three strikes, you're out!" I'd be very skeptical, because we've been burned before. If it comes to pass, nothing would please me more to say I was wrong.

Art B.

Peter, Cyn and Super Dave, great points all, Smooth Jazz should be on Traditional radio, we will all, no doubt, stand with the Crew that made Smooth Jazz popular in Chicago, it wouldn't be the same without Rick and The Smooth Crew and finally the skepticism of " giving it our best shot " has that implication of not being sure that the format can once again be sold. My opinion is that it is ashame that it ever got to this point in the first place, but here we are and maybe we have to take small steps to get back to " the field of play ". I know that we are all estatic to have SJ back, in some form !!!

Michael Trottar

Thanks it is no doubt smooth...Jazz..

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