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Congrats to Danny! Keeping smooth jazz young! Great piece. Thanks for the tech tips. We'll be using them.

Jerry Waz

Welcome to the Smooth Jazz family Danny. We are very happy you are here with us. You have some great people to work with, Rick, Bill, and Scott. Great success to you. Sincerely, Jerry


Hey Danny, a perfect fit! Now you can ask ANY of us how we used to walk 5 miles to school every day, barefoot, uphill both ways!


Welcome aboard Danny, and thanks for keeping everything going so "Smooth"!


Hello Everyone, Thank you for such a warm welcome! It is my honor to be contributing to such an incredible project. Hope the blog post will help some fellow listeners out, and I look foreword to sharing more with everyone in the near future. One thing I'd really like to do is get more young music fans interested in the station as well as the genre in general!

Cyn Cooper

Congrats and many early Thanks for getting us going while we listeners move about the day!! One of my joys (and necessities) is to be able to listen when I cannot use my home PC....and you are just the guy to point me where I need to go!!!

Super Dave

Welcome aboard, Danny. Nice to have a "Tech Savvy" youngster on board to assist we "techie dinosaurs".

Cynthia Taylor

Welcome, Danny! Thank you for bringing our Smooth Jazz back for dedicated listeners near and far. Great job, thanks!


Congratulations Danny!!! Welcome....Thanks for being instrumental in bringing our smooth jazz back. Also, Thanks so much for the advice....now I can lissten at work on my IPOD Touch. Darren Rahn, Magnetic..great track!!!!

Art B.

Hey Danny, Welcome aboard Buddy, it's Great to have young people interested in Smooth Jazz and as Super Dave says, to assist us, the " technically challenged ", I still travel with my " walkman ", talk about a dinosaur !!!

Art B.

Danny, Cooooool choice with " Magnetic " !!!


Danny, WELCOME AND CONGRATS!! I hope I am not too late!! LOL!! Don't worry, I will be one of your persistent follower who is very illiterate when it comes to hi-tech! I will bug you once in a while only if I need assistance programming my car! I need to call my dealership first,coz I have a feeling that I can connect directly w/o tangling a lot of cables!! LOL!!!! THANK FOR BEING HERE!!


Thank you everyone! Hope you all had an enjoyable Thanksgiving! I'll be covering listening in the car in next week's blog post.


Hello and Welcome!! Congradulation's Danny!

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