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Art B.

Danny, you are " wise beyond your years ", we All miss Smooth Jazz on the radio, I always describe it as a relaxing, refreshing alternative to what's on the air. We miss all our programs and of course Dinner Party where I was the Steely Dan fan and Cora was the Michael Franks fan and Bill would usually play 2 each every Saturday night to keep us satisfied. Hopefully sometime soon this will all seem like a bad dream and Smooth Jazz will be back where it belongs, in the meantime ... Stay Well and Stay Smooth !!!

Art B.

Rick, Great video by Gerald and Norman on how they worked together !!!

Jerry Waz


Nice to hear from you. I've been listening to 107.3 The Wave (do a google search). They do a good job (not WNUA though). They are in Ohio, so it's close to our geographic area. Bill Cochran does some of the promos and they tell you what is being played, or what was played. You can even vote on songs. Check it out. Be good, have fun, enjoy Smooth Jazz.


Super Dave

Danny, nice of you to chime in with your thoughts about your love of Smooth Jazz. I'm sure there are many more like you in your age bracket that supports this format, yet advertisers & corporate station owners refuse to acknowledge you when the decision is/was made to eliminate Smooth Jazz from terrestial radio. If you have friends who feel as you do, encourage them to let their voices be heard and their dissatisfaction be known.

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