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Cyn Cooper

That Scott was both bearer of news, and then later bourne out of 444 by others, reminds of the flip-flop that happened all day on Sept 11th! For hours, we sought out people with whom we were comfortable to give us updates as events unfolded. There had to be so many who relied on WNUA here in the city. Yet, hours later...it changed! My memories of the one occasion that I was lucky enough to meet Scott are of a man who pretty much towered over me...and yet....to save him, well-practiced Bomb Squad members whisked him away like a feather! Scott was also making notes when I met him...but they were the happy, unfettered kind, I bet....not sure even my curiosity could bring me close to looking over his Sept 11th notebox....


Hey Guy's! 9/11! Sould be a Holiday just like Veterans Day and Memorial Day! A very significant day in American History!!! Thanks to all our Heroes everywhere who put our lives above thier own!!! All the Armed Forces, Law Enforcement, Fire People and anyone else who keeps U.S. safe!!!

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