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Art B.

One Cool tune and probably one of the 1st that I heard on WNUA that kept me coming back to Smooth Jazz !!!

Cyn Cooper

I got lost in a fog once in San Franciso, trying to drive to Pacifica. Just so happened that I put in a cassette I recorded from David Fisher on Acoustic Alchemy before I started my drive. Until then, I was not familar with their music. For the next 3 hours, I white-knuckled the steering wheel as I kept trying to return to the airport and start over again to find the Pacifica exit! So much went on internally as I wondered how local ppl drove in this stuff all the time. To this day, I feel like AA was sitting in the passenger seat with me thru that experience. I've always credited them with terrestrial grit, tempered with an other-worldly peace. Saved a lady from Chicago that day!!

Art B.

WNUA / WLFM ... We salute you on your 25th Anniversary, may Smooth Jazz come back to Chicago soon !!!


Gato Barbieri's "Europa" on a regular basis, was the song of many a nights for me as a teenage boy living in southern Illinois, but dreaming of my home town in Chicago. I lost track of the exquisiteness of this soulful tune after I got back to Chicago as a young adult, and now having just turned 50...I downloaded this song to take me back. Thank you WNUA.

Rick O'Dell

If there's a handful of songs that exemplified the "WNUA era," it would have to include "Europa," of course! You're so right, per. Others, to me, would be Paul Hardcastle's "Rainforest," Lonnie Liston Smith's "Quiet Moments" and Kenny G's "Songbird." Happy 50th, per!

Jan Barker

Where is Shirley Haye,DJ on
WNUA Smooth Jazz Chgo.Is she still in Calif? Fan and former hair stylist.JB

Rick O'Dell

I'd love to reconnect with Shirley. Haven't heard from her in years, Jan.

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