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Hey All!! I will ask the brain trust out there once more! Is there a way that this can be our SMJ web site for music with on air personalities and new Chat box so everyone can chat! I got a new Laptop also Cora and can't Chatwing, I refuse to down load another browser just to chat. I screw somthing up on that new contraption you'll be reading my obit!

Anyway I had suggested this B/4 like doing a format like "SOUNDS of BRAZIL" kinda thing with sponsers, whatever works at least it could be a start! I know the BS they would have to go through to get something in the works, but so far nothing else is working!!


After almost 30 yeras of SMJ its like getting a divorce and your partner telling you that they don't love you anymore!! Its like the radio gods have divorced us and said sorry we don't love this misic anymore this is BS I say, no matters what happens I sill believe that there is still a market for us in this City. If what the "SUITS" say that this is true then why is it heard everywhere you go Jewel, the Doctors office, elevators, business offices, on seceratries computers, Has it now been made to acessible?!

I always told my wife the internet has its uses, but other than the info highway its gonna kill this country. Look at the ease of shopping and the demise of Borders, what's next our libraries? I refuse to listen to anyother station its like cheating on my spouse, and the rest of you outlaws!!

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