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Super Dave

Nice piece on Basia, Rick. Wondering if she performed at the Polonia Grove on 47th & Archer. Anybody out there know?

Linda S.

I saw her with Otmar Liebert as her opening act and people talked through his performance because the audience only wanted Basia! He was another favorite of mine so I felt bad for him since he played beautifully!

Art B.

Ahhhhhh Basia! with one of my Favs by her that reminds me of the Sunday Brunch. Super Dave, I know where Polonia Grove is but I don't know if Basia ever performed there !!!

Super Dave

Art, trying to figure out where this club called "Polonia" is that Rick mentioned. I knew of a "Polonia Gardens" & my wife knew of "Polonia Grove" on Archer Ave. That area being (or having been) a high density area of Poles, was wondering if that was the area she worked & lived, as Rick stated. Yoooooouuuuuuukkkk!!!!

Jeanette T. Kolenda

On August 17th 1963 my husband Bill and I had our Wedding Reception at Polonia Grove on Archer Ave. We being Polish were born and raised in the area.

Jo Rexer

Chris and I were at that last concert - 4th row. I still have the ticket stub! I wish she would sing again. I know that she and Peter White are somehow related - or friends. Whenever Peter White was in town and we had a chance to talk to him, we'd always ask about Basia. And I remember WCLR and your voice, Rick! We go way, way back!!!!!!

Rick O'Dell

All these years I've also wondered about the club called "Polonia" that Basia performed at during the years she lived here. Unfortunately, it was way before the internet, so there's nothing you can find through Google. I wouldn't be surprised if it turns out to be the Polonia Grove on Archer. If anyone has occasion to visit the place, maybe they can ask around. If someone in the building was there in the late '70s/early '80s, they might know if Basia performed there.

Linda S., I was also at the Basia show with Ottmar Liebert. That was November 6, 1990, at the Chicago Theatre, if memory serves. And now that you mention it, I remember how Ottmar's delicate tones were a bit muffled by the crowd noise.

Jo, Basia's main collaborator, Danny White, is Peter's younger brother. Basia and Danny still work together. Another interesting tidbit about that final concert (where you sat in the 4th row) is that the guitarist in the group that day was Marc Antoine, who had just released his first CD, Classical Soul, at that time in 1994.

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