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Catherine Johns

Like Lori, I was bummed about Harry's Law -- I thought it was a great show. I used to hope that as we aged, the media would get over their preoccupation with youth, just because there are so damn many of us! Apparently numbers don't count the way they used to.

Thanks for your take on this, Rick. And good luck getting those radio boys to open up to Smooth Jazz ...

Super Dave

Rick, talk about coincidences! There was a discussion about this on WGN radio yesterday morning. I had the guy's name, but misplaced it. He writes a blog for Hollywood Chicago & he's on with Bill Mahler(?) every Sat. at 9:00 AM. It covered practically everything this article touched on. By any chance was Lori the one who called in & got the cancellation ball rolling? LOL.

Super Dave

I forgot to insert the word "discussion" in there.

Rita Zienty

This prejudice applies to clothing also. I haven't been able to buy a dress in years. Over 50 people don't want to the wear the ridiculous styles they showing in all the stores. We also have more money to buy expensive clothes, if they would only sell nice clothing. I know most of us. are keeping our out of fashion clothes so we have something to wear.

Rick O'Dell

Catherine: Thank you for chiming in on a subject that's raising my hackles (fiftysomething expression) a little more each day. You know what I think is happening in the advertising community? The same thing that's been happening the past ten years in radio ad sales. The senior sales people are all being weeded out, replaced by twentysomethings fresh out of school. God bless 'em 'cause I was one once, but at this stage of their career they have no appreciation for older demo leaning formats and don't have the know how to sell them. Any push toward empathy for the 50+ in radio and advertising is getting blunted in a hurry. (Rick)

Rick O'Dell

Super Dave: Well, there were ten minutes yesterday morning that Lori can't account for . . . . (Rick)


I'm not much of a TV watcher; I never saw Harry's Law. But- the photo of Kathy Bates reminds me of the funny, age-related scene from Fried Green Tomatoes. When her parking space was stolen by girls calling themselves "younger & faster," Bates rammed them and squealed, "I'm older and have more insurance!" I couldn't agree with you more! In my field of gerontology, I see these ageist issues all the time. Madison Avenue needs to wake up and realized that "50" *used to be* old. Fifty is different now. Look at an old photo of your grandma at 74: Gray hair in a bun, sturdy black oxfords, saggy bosom. Now look at Jane Fonda. See what I mean? And it's not just that Jane is a celeb. I work at a large north suburban senior center. No bingo there, but you can take Pilates. 50 is the new 30. 70 is the new 50. It's popular cliche, but it's true. In growing numbers, people are living into their nineties. Senior centers need to program for a multi-generation population. Those in advertising need to realize that THOSE FIFTY AND OVER (aside from NOT being rigid and set in their ways) ARE THE ONES LISTENING TO THE RADIO!! The younger ones have largely bailed. Advertisers should use radio as a way to inexpensively market to our "older with more insurance" demographic. Oh, and I miss AMC. Tell Lori I have resolved to NEVER EVER watch The Chew. Ever.

Art B.

Catherine, are you the same Catherine Johns that was on WLS Radio, if so, I just want to tell you that I enjoyed listening to you. For a lot of those years you should have had a bigger roll than reading the news !!!

Art B.

I am a 50 something ( 58 to be exact ), I never watched Harry's Law but I already drink Pepsi and when I do drink beer, my beer of choice is Miller Lite. I would think that my buying these products, having others in my age bracket try these products and also buy these products would be a plus and add to the profits of those companies, so when advertised on the radio station that I listen to, wouldn't that be profitable for the station and bring in more money. I guess that what I'm saying is that my age bracket is still a very powerful ( and profitable ) force to be reckon with !!!

Super Dave

Margie, read your post, and, having multiple family members in Senior/Nursing facilities, couldn't agree with you more! A lot of these folks are, outside of their physical handicaps, sharper & more active as a 50 year old than days past. And, those of us passed 50 or 60 are probably in BETTER shape than our relatives "Back in the Day". I KNOW we are in better shape than the 18-25 year olds in the "Madison Ave" demographic that appeals to the advertisers.

HOWEVER, I must contest your feelings regarding the "Chew". Never having been a Soap fan, I cannot dispute what you feel is a loss (my wife has a friend who feels like you do about AMC).
But, being a retired Chef, I ENJOY the "Chew", for I never got much of a chance to listen/learn anything from Mario Batalli, who is one of the top Italian cuisine chefs around.

Super Dave

Margie, made an age mistake! Most of these "Senoirs" in their 80's or, bless them, 90's, are in far better shape than our relatives.

D. Piersawl

This will be my 50th year on the planet as well. I too lament the loss of All My Children, Harry's Law, and Smooth Jazz on my Chicago radio! What are we just supposed to be put out the pasture?! I think NOT, I for one am going to keep fighting! Tell Lori, she's not alone!


and to those of us in the under 50- demo who listen to Smooth Jazz, Broadway Musicals, Chill format, and some New Age. And turn to even older skewing formats. As about 5-yrs old used to listen to Elvis. By high school liked several old skew end FM stations, and Jazz as in what the high school Jazz Band would play. Do at times listen to what they would claim is some of what my age group would like, but grow tired of such - with playlists that always give what I like the short end of being played a lot.
>> Stations I liked that have been killed from past to present > WCFL 1000 (Super CFL), WFYR 103.5fm an RKO station (killed by the fcc for some rule violation, Gold Rock WAUR 108fm, 93.5fm - went Spanish along with 107.9fm, and WNUA 95.5. And huge changes to other stations that survive - WLIT plays music too they would never have played 10-years ago.
>> Surviving favorite though not often heard stations - Sirius - On Broadway, Watercolors (smooth Jazz), and some stuff on WGN depending on what the subject is... Least heard via internet 94.7 The Wave one of the few and only web based stations I know of that is a local programmed station still in the L.A. Market area.

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