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Art B.

Scott, Thank You for sharing the Smoooooth sound of Wayman Tisdale with us, We All miss our Smooth Jazz on a daily basis and hope that it will soon return !!!


Hey Art B!! I agree with U my smoooth friend, plus I very miss Wayman himself which goes without saying (THEN WHY DID I SAY IT HMMMMMM!!!!).

Anyway its really hard to fall asleep with no relaxing smooth jazz playing, its hard to relax any time without the smooooth souds of smoooth jazz and those exceptional DJ's! I continue to say have everybody back here for our smooth jazz station like other streaming sites!! I would imagine that's asking alot , lets check into sponorships.

Gloria Wojcik

Hello ... I agree with Art B .. I listened all the time as well .. can't go to sleep without it!!!! I breathed this station .. and I think my household is getting the reprecussions (sp) on that sorry LOL .. miss you all so much!!!

Art B.

Hi Frank, Gloria and I see that Super Dave is back, Frank and Gloria, I agree with you both wholeheartedly, I used to listen to 95.5 / 87.7 to relax and help fall asleep, it was sooooo Smooooth and I miss it dearly, but we must keep the Faith that it will return very soon !!!


Hey Dave!! I listen to 90.9 when it deciedes to come in at night! It plays the old classical jazz mostly and sometimes it will play a Doc Severson tune maynard fergusen but mostly classical jazz.

Bill Cochran is working with a Chatwing rep. to try to find out how us I.E. users can use the ChatWing!! Hope they can fix it soon I miss the I.M.ing with U guy's and Dolls!


Hey Where did everybody go? Is it dinner time already or DWTS time, Lololololol!!


Hi Scott!! Thanks for posting this cool video by WT!! I helped me diminished my gloomy day without our smooth jazz station.

Frank: Guess we'll both miss "missing"?? :-( love that show too!!

My dear buddy ART!! How are you? No wonder why I can't login at ChatWing, there's a tech error? Been trying several times but to no avail.... Did you hear from DJ lately? Miss you 2!!!

So, I'll just say Hello here Gloria. Or it could be the pc I am using right now! Don't have prob logging in at home! Miss you guys a lot!!

Art B.

Hi Cora,how are you, try the Chat Wing now, I just got in !!!


OH BOY sad news Scott Adams just chated that Donna Summer had just passed away!! She surley will be missed by all who new her and danced to her Dicso tunes!! My wife and I danced to those tunes while dating in the 80's! What memories that brings back!! Condolences to her family and friends!!

Art B.

I am with you Frank, I spent many evenings dancing the night away to Donna Summer, RIP " Queen of Disco " !!!

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