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Frank S.

Hey Scott! I will second that notion that there is more to come! All good things stick around, U DJ's are a testament to that. I value all frienships past and present, cause U just never know!!!


Hi Scott! Happy Birthday Babel!! :) I listened to the new stream earlier this morning! Fun show! Love that 3rd hour...especially being able to be awake to enjoy it! LOL ;)


Hello Scott!! Nice to be with you here! Guess our new blog site is getting exciting!! :-)

Hi Nikki!! How are you? Been trying to go to the chat box, but I couldn't get in!!
I am using internet explorer too thru FB but I can't get thru! How'd you do that? Did you subscribe first? Thanks friend! TTYL. take care!


Hi Cora! I sent you an email, and no, I did not subscribe first (forgot to add that in the email!) :)

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