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Super Dave

Like the old adage goes, "Out of sight, out of mind". In the case of 500,000 STRONG, there needed be any worry that what has transpired will be forgotten. Chicagoans have LLLOOOONNNNGG memories.


this comes the CLOSEST!



Wow! Excellent choice Rick...love Ramsey.


I question the potential number of listeners of former WNUA in Chicago vs. WLFM listeners. How many never even knew the channel existed - or on some older digital tuners as one I have used don't go down to 87.7fm, since it was not considered a "real" radio station.

A lot of listeners may now listed to Sirius/XM - yet they lack on air personalities on their stations and commercials.

They split-up the format where depending what part you want you need to change stations - and they also have unique stations that would never survive on commercial radio.

Watercolors = Smooth Jazz
Spa = New Age, totally lost for many years on conventional radio
Sirius/XM Chill = Mindy Abair's Chill 24/7

Everything else that was added for "Smooth" in place of "New Age" at WNUA is on another format station focused on something specific.

Their Smooth Jazz gets a different type of playlist than WLFM and late WNUA, some of what I liked is missing and some of what falls in what is often played on some other Chicago stations that overlapped WLFM I can easy live without.

Odd how there is no such format over the air of top 40 anymore, except that it was itself limiting as the same thing plays based on rankings.

The last station that played every format possible was WGN - and found recently that Roy Leonard started a new blog page - when Roy Leonard retired and Spike O'Dell left afternoons it was the end of music for WGN - which Spike used to say dropped ratings very fast when music was played.

I don't understand with that last statement the trend of talk/all news on FM with more than one station with the same format. I had tried to get the Merlin person who works at News101 to keep WLFM with short news reports as a suggestion of something actually lacking on FM - no news/weather/traffic of most stations is what drives anyone to ever listen to all news. But, using the existing 500,000 listeners to attempt to get people to flip stations when they want would seem logical vs. starting a new 87.7 from scratch.

Ultimately I suspect that Merlin will not remain all news and need to go into some other sort of format to be different from WBBM - otherwise why did WMAQ go away as all news in favor of two all sports talk am stations?

The most logical move would be for them to grab the "Smooth" format with an additional amount of news/traffic/weather as used to exist on FM stations back in the 1980s and still does in many small markets.

The reason to be all talk/news was the lack of quality on the am band of radio vs. fm - claimed reason for move to FM is those at work (weekdays) who can't access AM stations at work inside large buildings.
Sorry if I ramble on too much.

Antoinette Chester

I can not live without smooth jazz!!!!!!!!! what am I going to DO!!!!!.

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