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mark s sommerfield

Hi Rick and Bill! We are 500,000 plus strong, so you can bet that it won,t be long, before a new smooth jazz station is playing our favorite songs! And this time Rick and Bill will be there forever and a day, to let the smooth jazz play and play! Keep the faith everyone and never say die! Tell everyone to help support Rick and Bill and crew, in doing whatever they have to do, to make sure that Chicago soon has Smooth Jazz! Be Smooth!!!!!

mark s sommerfield

I am the Jazz Poet, and I will let everyone know it, until Chicago has, Rick, Bill and crew playing Smooth Jazz!

Bill Cochran

Jazz Poet: Welcome aboard! Were looking forward to building a new community here!


Hi Bill! First of many, many blogs from you I hope!! You are right about having a community of fans...and loyal we are! We'll keep the music alive!!

Barb Ware

I have been flat out miserable!!!!! I told my husband I guess we are going to get satellite radio because I cant take this!!!!!!!! Why do they keep picking on the smooth jazz lovers!!!!!! Shameful

Bill Cochran

Nikki: Good to hear from you, too!


I'm happy you're keeping your Loyal Listeners informed. Until your new gig shows up (and it will!) as a Dinner Party regular, I'll enjoy your musical postings here. Your choices are so .... wonderfully off-the-wall!

Bill Cochran

Margie Fischer: Im so happy were able to stay in touch instead of being cut off completely like last time!

As for the off-the-wall musical choices, I cant take all the credit. Rick ODell pointed quite a few interesting tunes my way. Maybe well figure out ways to continue sharing music here.

Bill Cochran

Barb Ware: Well keep exploring options. And keep you posted here on what we discover.

Bob Gorman

What a shame I miss you guys. What's going to happen with the Jazz Brunch? My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed the event. Let us know what you need us (the fans) to do. I'm 100% in support of the return of Smooth Jazz in Chicago.


I found you...woo hoo! I've been flipping through the radio dials for a week now and I'm totally lost without you guys. Hurry back!

Bill Cochran

Bob Gorman: Well, its great to have a radio station to broadcast a Sunday Brunch on, but we can still have a brunch without a radio station!

Bill Cochran

Brenda: I feel a bit lost on Saturday nights now myselfA!

sue smith

Boy, the shock hurt and then I got so mad! I have a right to my Smooth Jazz! It is in the Constitution, I think! Well, it should be! Does anyone remember the "Jazz at Seven" concerts at Woodfield Mall? So great, and I was able to attend every one. Free Smooth Jazz for the Masses! Thank you for caring about the music and the fans--sending love and prayers your way. I agree with previous poster--tired of getting picked on! But it makes you stronger. Smooth Jazz keeps me calm in this crazy world. Hurry back!

Cora P

BILLLLLLLL!!!! Now that I found you, I'm not gonna let you go (again)!!!!! :-) Your super fans and listeners will be back together again!!! Yes, we will!! Spreading the news for now is all I can do, BUT I promised and commit myself to (RICK/BILL crew), my fellow SJ Fam and lovers for my FULL SUPPORT, like I said to Rick, whatever it takes!! We'll all be there for you!!

Lost my appetite last Saturday!! The most boring Sat night!! Played peek-a-boo with my friends (ART/DJ/SD/Frank/Terrence/Margie..... et al)couldn't catch them!! Been flipping back and forth from the "inbox" and connectbrazil too!

Anyway, HOW ARE YOU???

Bill Cochran

Cora P: Yay! Its good to have you chiming in, too!

Jerry V

Hi Rick! I'm still here and behind you 100%. Let's bring back Smooth Jazz.

Linda S.

So glad to hear about this!!! I need the music! Losing 87.7 is so personal that I feel robbed! I'm standing up with everyone of the other Loyal Listeners and we'll continue to support you any way we can. I'm still trying to get a guest invitation for Rick to be on Windy City Live and I'll keep trying until it happens. There are so many of us, Bill. We'll keep fighting!

Wayne Hairston

Hi Rick and Bill,
It's sad to hear about Smooth 87.7 FM leaving the airways because of Fed government actions. Chicago is a world class city and should have a permanent Smooth Jazz radio station. Please give a shoutout about your progress with getting another station going on our Smooth Jazz Masters Facebook page.

All the best,

Wayne Hairston, admin

Greg Carbins

Hi Rick and Bill,
Thanks for providing a forum for this smooth jazz fan to stay connected. I look forward to what is yet to come. I know it will be phenomenal!

Bill Cochran

Greg: We were caught so flatfooted the last time this happened, we didnt know how to seize the opportunity. This time around, weve learned some new moves!

Art B.

Hi Rick, Bill and my entire In Box Smooth Jazz Family, Glad we have this forum to communicate.I say that we remain optimistic about Smooth Jazz coming back to radio ( preferably FM ), I'm sure it will be back soon !!!

Mark Sommerfield(Jazz Poet)

Hi Rick, Bill, and Smooth Jazz Family! Check out and find out about Jazz jams and live jazz on the woodstock square where they filmed "Groundhog Day" Bill and Erin Denk run this yearround event in Woodstock Illinois(McHenry County). This is a great way for up and coming jazz musicians to show their talents also no matter what venue of jazz, even Brazilian Scott! It is a great way to spend a Saturday in the square with great food also! Be Smooth and keep up the fight for Smooth Jazz!!

Bill Cochran

Mark S: We should come up with forum for posting Smooth Jazz and jazz events so that other readers can easily find them.

Mark Sommerfield(Jazz Poet)

Right Bill! Post it here and on Rick's facebook, or maybe someone else has another idea! Good night Bill, we will not chill or stand still until Chicago has another Smooth Jazz station, and then we will all have a smooooooooth celebration in this nation! Be Smooth!

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