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Jo Rexer

Awesome! Thanks for remembering!


Smooth Jazz is my constant companion! Since sjc.net brought the smooth back, the TV or radio are rarely on.
One way I "use" smooth is for dancing. "All I Need" is Richard Elliot for a cha cha. When Jackiem Joyner gives the musical order "Dance with Me" I comply and do the Samba. And the sexiest rumba of all time... Terence Trent D'Arby's "Sign Your Name." Oooooh, that's smokin'!


Lydia, I see the link to the FB page in the blog post. That got me thinking: Since the sjc blog "follower" thingy doesn't give us notice when a new blog is posted, it would be super if a link to the blog could be posted on the FB page (or even an address to copy and paste, as seen in the Chatbox). Rick? I really enjoy the blogs, when I remember to look for them!!

L. D. Barnes aka Lydia

Margie -
Glad to hear that you are enjoying the blogs! Here's an open invitation to everyone - Come friend me on Facebook - L. D. Barnes. I put the link there as soon as I know the blog has been updated. I also have a personal blog, Barnesversation.wordpress.com that you might enjoy.


I LOVE being able to listen to SJC.net at work again! For the last year I had a laptop that had NO SOUND...ugh! That made for looooong unpleasant days at work! Thanks to technology and a good ol' fried computer, I got an upgrade! Although my employer blocks everything on the page other than the 'listen live' button, I am still truly thankful to have the music streaming through my computer again!

Art B.

Good for You Nikki, I'm Glad that you got The Sound back ... Enjoy !!!

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