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Maurice Wright

That's quite a tribute, Rick. Well said.

Art B.

Rick, my hat's off to you for a Great story and my hat's off to and Prayers go out to the man who invented the Smooth Jazz format, Frank Cody, we are indebted to you for bringing us such Beautiful music , such as " Carribean Breeze ". I would have to admit that I fall more into the 1st catagory, those who listened for stress relief and relaxation which led to listening to new artists and new music ... I've been hooked ever since, Thank You to Frank Cody for inventing the format and Thank You Rick O'Dell for bringing it to us all these years ... we really Appreciate it !!!

Super Dave

When a person has a "Vision", then actively puts that vision into reality, everyone benefits. Frank Cody had that vision. It's unfortunate that people in radio today are not only "Visionless" but totally "Clueless!" It could use more Frank Cody's, and other broadcasting pioneers that came before him. Wishful thinking.


Excellent tribute. Thank you, Mr. Cody! And, as always, my best to you Rick.


My ENDLESS GRATITUDE TO YOU MR. CODY. YOU brought us a timeless music format to treasure forever. You will be in my prayers, God Bless..... Wishing you well... And, to you Rick, THANK YOU so much for the great, interesting and very inspirational stories...


Rick, thanks for passing on the information regarding Frank
Cody. My hat is off to Mr. Cody and you Rick, for all that the both of you have done for us. A special thanks to Frank, and my everyday prayers go out to him and his family. Love and good wishes to you both!

Cyn Cooper

Now you've shared how we came to be a group, a family and a force thru the Vision of Mr Frank Cody....what moving knowledge to have!! As I've said before, this blog has been like having a personal tape recorder so we could follow you around while you were on a long break, and learn the backstory of an experience we all enjoyed. Now, arriving at the start of it all, very fitting that we pray for and pay tribute to the person who manifested his own "What If". Sending gratitude & hope to Frank Cody and his loved ones today and always. Peace.


Rick, thank you! This is a remarkably generous post. I'm really touched by your largesse and the warm response from your followers, friends and well wishers. Let me top it with a joke: Old man visits his doctor. Doctor says, "The tests are back and I'm sorry to report, you have cancer and Alzheimer's disease." Old man looks at the doc and says, "Well, at least I don't have cancer."


Cody is in my sincere deepest prayers. I know that by the Lord's stripes He is healed. The doctor may say he has an illness, but that's not God's final report! It is not in His will that Frank Cody perishes; he is healed!
I give much love and support to Frank Cody. Without the introduction of Smooth Jazz to the commercial market, we would have never been introduced to a wide array of talented artists that performs this music from the heart; plus, we would have never been introduced to the radio personalities that would make an impact on a city. Rick O'Dell and Bill Cochran are prefect examples. Both of them are radio personalities suitable for this format that just can't be replaced.

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