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Cyn Cooper

Ditto, Ditto, Ditto, Rick! In terms of connection....YES!! Listeners become familiar AND attached to the way a station's personalities "function & deliver" music AND products. Found that out personally with Dave Koz's recipe each day...I'm a GREAT cook, but I found myself looking forward to whatever twist or extra ingredient HIS dish contained. Life without you guys is DISMAL...but having the Blog is like opening a new door..AND Connectively being linked up again...while we wait!


Hey All!! How true that is I coudn't wait until the next day to hear what you(RICK) had to say along with my new found family in the IN-BOX! It made the time doing whatever I was doing mouch more toerable and now it seems onlt a handful are here at typepad and at the connectbrazil IN-BOX. The music plus the on air personalities made it so! I'm with dmadscientist I remember all those voices, doing crazy skits on the radio!!

That was RADIO, if I wasn't on my PC I would never listen to internet radio,maybe at work. Like I said I still have not found a decent radio station, good thing my vehicle has the radio controls on the steering wheel!!! WNUA & 87.7 made my little corner problems at times seem more tolerable now I got one more thing to go with everyday BS, wondering when the MUSIC is coming back and how my on air personalities are making out!!


You hit the nail on the head. We can get the music one way or another; we want YOU and the CREW back. Local hosts keep the music relevant and alive and create community. If radio is losing listenership, it's due in part, to going "canned." Your post brought back lots of memories. I forgot all about Tony Phillips at WBBM-FM! I listened to him and still remember the station's jingle.... 'BBM-FM ... are we coming through... 'BBM-FM... this one's for you..... And adored that Rick guy at WCLR way back when. You probably know him. ;) I've been enjoying all your posts and have been youtubing most of the "kit" songs you've suggested. (Wow! I never knew Candy Dulfer was so gorgeous!) Anyway, Rick, thanks for keeping vigil.


Hey SMJ family!! I posting a link I would like you all to go to when your on your computer and voting to get smoooyh jazz back on the radio along with the SMJ Crew! When you do this they give you a button to click on and when you lovely giving people do that the cause gets free food for the animals, breast cancer mamograms and so on...

The causes are at the top of the page and its real easy. I know Art has done this. The causes would greatly appreciate it. Some times they run a VOTE for your favorite animal sheleter so they may receive money for that shelter!!


Super Dave

Ironic that you post this up, since Bill C. HeavyG, DJ Woo & I had a discussion at the 6/24 Brunch about this very same subject. I cannot speak for the rest of the country, but Chicagoans like their on-air personalities. When 87.7 first came on the air, the Architectural Broadcast feeds were OK, but everyone I knew wanted REAL people talking to us, not pre-recorded conversation. When you, Bill & Loni came on board, it brought a sense of realism back to the station.

Rick O'Dell

Margie: To my ears, those were the best days of WBBM-FM: the soft rock, the simple, melodic jingles, the velvet voices of the announcers. If there was a "smooth" (albeit non-jazz) station in the '70s, it was 'BBM-FM. Tony Phillips, whom I later worked with at WCLR, had a classic smooth voice, didn't he? I'm trying to remember some of the other personalities: Lee DeYoung, Nick St. John.

Candy Dulfer's a knockout. Very down to earth, too.


Super Dave

Rick, didn't you work with Dean Richards @ WCLR, and isn't that when you started the Sunday Brunch? I've heard him make reference to it on Sunday's mornings on his WGN Radio show.

Super Dave

Candy Dulfer can play a MEAN sax, too! She blew me away with her playing at last year's Dave Koz Xmas show. (Her head-to-head number with the band's drummer was a killer).


ART/SD: I am here, patiently waiting for our "smooth food" :-) I guess, the Master Chef is still trying to blend all his ingredients. As usual, can't chime at the wing,coz of my ongoing pc prob. I'll just check on you guys periodically.

I am baking salmon tonight!! :-)



No buffett tonight huh? Phooey! HI to all my friends anyway! I still can't get ChatWing to post for me...atleast it's loading now so I can see what everyone else is posting! Have a great night everyone!!!!

Super Dave

You too, Nikki.

Art B.

Wow, reading this post sure took me back to Great memories of my youth, except I go back a little further Rick, I was a WLS addict, although I would listen to WCFL from time to time, many of the DJ's of the day ended up working for " the enemy " at some time. I remember: Art Roberts ( playing the " Top 3 " most requested songs @ 10:00pm ), Dex Card ( the Silver Dollar Survey ), Don Phillips ( East of Midnight ), Dick Biondi, Gene Taylor, Bernie Allen, the ongoing fake-feud between Clark Weber and Ron Riley, I could go on and on but I will save some of this for when we all meet up !!!

Art B.

Hi Nikki, how ya doin' ???


Hi Art& SD!!! Just trying to read all the post in ChatWing! I'm opting for the 'beer no pizza' kinda dinner! ;) LOL!! BTW...I was vote 1205 a bit earlier!

Art B.

Rick, you and Margie made me remember someone I forgot, Tony Phillips, and Rick, you are right, his voice was so smooth. WBBM FM was the 1st FM station I listened to. Other DJ's from BBM FM were: Bob Sirott ( where he began his career ), Dick Bartley,and Gary Spears. At WCLR there was: Jack Miller, Phil " Doctor " Duncan, Peter Dean ( who was one of my Favs and used to do the " Saturday Night Oldies Request " from 6:00pm to Midnight ), and of course Joe Edwards ( who also did TV voiceovers as well as news reports on the old WFLD, not to mention a Great instructor at the school I went to for Broadcasting ). I will go into more detail when we all meet !!!

Art B.

Now as for WIND, that was my other Fav AM station to listen to, Rick, you mentioned my Fav DJ's from there ( Stu, Chuck and Connie ). Another Fav was Bob Del Giorno, they also had: Robert W. Morgan, Dick Williamson, Jerry G. Bishop ( the original Svengoolie ), Clark Weber and " King B " Ron Britain. Oh also at WBBM FM I beleive was Allan Stagg. It's Great to go down memory lane. When we all get together, I will tell you the story of the WCLR remote from Rock n' Roll Mc D's !!!

Super Dave

Oh, on a "Liquid Diet", Nikki? LOL. Gotta' get you back on the Wing. Keep forgetting to loo for you here. How's Yvette?

Rick O'Dell

Art: You, Margie and I could fill a book on our radio memories from the '70s. That would be a fun project. You brought some other key figures from that era. Jack Miller trained me when I started at WCLR in 1984. He's still on the air--down in Florida, last I heard. Peter Dean's "Saturday Night Oldies" show was terrific, the best in town for several years. At WIND, Bob Del Giorno was solid in mornings. I remember Dick Williamson, Joel Sebastian and Gary Gears doing shows on the weekend. I also attended a couple of their Zoo Days at Lincoln Park Zoo and got a bunch of autographs.

Ah, the days of local personalities and local programming!



Hey All!! Looks like SD has the news I've been thinking was coming all along!! Some of us are not on the internet all the time or need the streaming just playing to get smooth jazz. For me it is not just the music its the on air personalities, espically the IN-BOX and of course all us smooothies! Anyway, maybe we can look into doing like a connectbrazil format have the music streaming on this site plus an IN-BOX we all can use with "THE SMOOTH CREW" as the web site DJ"s'.

If this format can't come to the mountain maybe we should go to the mountain, I'm pretty sure we can find sponors for are web site. This way we can run it the way we see fit!! SD can give cooking tips of the day! WE can call it Super Dave's "BITCHEN KITCHEN" while he gives us tips we can bitch about no smooth jazz!!! Art can give us computer tips, John Ramonez can do music reveiws and have one of us a week be a guest DJ, for what ever show we liked to host Sunday Brunch,Saturday Nite Buffet,Chicago's Music...!! This way its on all of us to succeed or fail not at the hands of the "SUITS"!!


When you vote notice one of the articles in the center about Northeastern and the automated playlist without any radio people or DJs'!! Lookout people this might be the start of a take over, they can play what they want you to hear and play what they want you to think about!! Some of our older people and young people only think and say what fox news and the rest of the radical left want you to hear already!!! Can this be the start of "BIG BROTHER" is watching!! Let the communist witch hunts and the black listing begin!!

Art B.

Rick, a few more names to add: Greg Brown ( currently on WLS 94.7 FM ) who I beleive started @ WBBM-FM, John Weatherbee, Bob Barnes-Watts, Peter B. Collins and Mitch Michaels, I'm sure that we will think of more. I also remember that @ WCFL, there were 2 things: 1) the WCFL Sun Ball to put on the antenna of your car and they used to do ( in 1967 ), the WCFL Mini-spin where they would take the snipets of 3 records and play them either once a half-hour or once an hour, for some reason, I remember 1 very clearly: 1)" Somebody To Love " by Jefferson Airplane, 2) " Casino Royale " by Herb Alpert& The Tijuana Brass and 3) " Do It Again ( Just A Little Bit Slower ) by a one-hit wonder duo named Jon And Robin. Funny how some things stick in your mind !!!


As per the current vernacular, OMG:-) I can't believe my name has cropped up on a radio site, 15 years after having left Chicago. Thank you so much for having listened ... the 13 years I spent in Chicago were some of the happiest in my life and I loved working at WFYR, WCKG and WRCX. Absolutely superb stations and I was so proud to be associated with all three. RIP my very good mate, Allan Stagg.
Thank you all. BB-W

Susan K

Where is Peter Dean working these days?

Rick O'Dell

Susan K: Peter's one of the area's stalwart commercial voiceover talents. You can find him here: www.peterdean.net/.


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